Moving story

The Chinese have been attacking my websites, so I’m moving the podcasts over to libsyn. This means (among other things) that shows will disappear starting in October and archives might be tougher to get. It won’t change anything for current more »


This week, Todd and Tony talk about their podcast odyssey and the (pretty bright) future of the Happy Hour Todcast. They also admit that each though the other was bringing this week’s guest. We’ll get Uncle Jon back on ASAP.

Under attack

This week’s show, covering everything from fermentation temps to gimmicky beer is (as many of you know) more than a little late. First, I left my microphones home, so I heavily edited the podcast (it sounds fine, just not the more »

Maximum Beachness

You know when your cousin comes to stay with you for two weeks and the first 10 days are awesome and the last four are, well, a little politely tense? It’s like that except with a million people.