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Episode 140

Tony Russo : June 23, 2017 11:52 am : Episodes

This week Shawn Hager pinch hits for Doug and talks about how to make sure your beer is going to taste the way judges want it to taste in homebrew competitions. In the news: Dogfish Head, Guinness, and the alcohol tax.

Show Notes: The Dogfish Beer Tony couldn’t recall was Siracuse Nera. Thy it, it’s so flavorful.

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Episode 139

Tony Russo : June 15, 2017 11:15 pm : Episodes

This week, Doug and Tony talk Ancient Ales, the new beer law set to pass congress and how small breweries are saving rural America.

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lori Clough 3rd wave brewing

Episode 138

Tony Russo : June 10, 2017 3:20 pm : Episodes

lori Clough 3rd wave brewing
lori Clough 3rd wave brewing
Lori Clough, one of the owners of 3rd Wave Brewing Company, joins us this week to talk about their canning release promotion and all the other great things going on at 3rd Wave. We also cover the weird misconception that distributors are the enemy and talk a bit about the Rate Beer kerfuffle.

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Reform on tap, festivals and homebrewing

Tony Russo : May 26, 2017 2:44 pm : Episodes

We couldn’t coordinate to do a full show this week and Tony will be away next week, so this is a shorter episode just to keep in touch. Tony participated in the Reform on Tap Task Force’s first meeting and reports on how that went and how he hopes it will continue to go. Also, updates on EVO, collaborations and why you should learn to brew by the fall.

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Homebrewing and big changes

Tony Russo : May 18, 2017 8:09 pm : Episodes

This week Shawn Hager pinch hits for Doug and talks with Tony about bare minimum homebrewing startups, the trouble with sours and brewery news from around the area including Dogfish Head’s new place, canning at 3rd Wave and Rubber Soul, and whether barleywine or an IPA better complements horseradish.

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Canning comes to Delmar

Tony Russo : May 12, 2017 10:01 am : Episodes

This week, Doug and Tony talk about how to choose your first beer to brew, local beer news, and how the Wicked Weed sale affects beer culture. As always, there are tastings and recipes.

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From Wicked Weed to Chincoteague

Tony Russo : May 5, 2017 2:26 pm : Episodes

This week Doug and Tony talk homebrew kegging tips and tricks, recap the Shore Craft Beer Fest: Chincoteague event from the weekend and breaking beer news including Tony being named to the Maryland Comptroller’s “Reform on Tap” task force, the Wicked Weed sale to Bud, beer runs and more.

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Brewing two beers for one

Tony Russo : April 21, 2017 1:27 pm : Episodes

This week, Doug Griffith and Tony Russo talk about how to brew a second running beer, what makes a good beer festival, and how to make better beer-pairing decisions.
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Brew, drink, regulate, repeat

Tony Russo : April 14, 2017 10:28 am : Episodes

Drinking beer is better than legislating it. This week Doug and Tony taste Fordham and Dominion’s 11th Sour and talk about what makes a good beer bar and go over local craft beer news and culture. In the Homebrew FAQ we discuss priming sugar whys, dos and don’ts.
You can find commentary on this week’s beer news here.
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If you’re interested in the Show Notes and other beer news and commentary, subscribe to our blog at Of course, you always can subscribe on iTunes as well. Of course, if you haven’t followed us on Facebook, you probably should.

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Lowering the beer bar to entry

Tony Russo : April 6, 2017 1:13 am : BWS Notes, Episodes

Bringing in the music

Evolution Craft Brewing has kicked off a Wednesday night Bluegrass jam that’s a lot of fun. A bunch of folks get together in the loading dock area and just kind of hang out and play. It’s free to watch, but there’s tons of beer and snacks in the tasting room you may want to try. I couldn’t get out there this week, but I’m totally going after next week’s Todcast:

Not all grandfathers are nice

A little more on the craft beer bill that still is knocking around in Maryland (apparently). I thought it was dead, but I was wrong. There is a movement to grandfather in breweries that currently are open, but it’s a shortsighted move aimed at shutting dissenters up.

This is what the legislature doesn’t get about craft beer

As the Maryland legislature struggles with the notion of how to deal with the growing craft beer industry in the state, it keeps bumping up against a clear lack of understanding about how beer works in small communities. Living on the Eastern Shore, it is a common (and frankly boring) complaint that the government is too Baltimore-centric.

Helpful hints

The best part about the proliferation of beer writers is that (hopefully) more good stories find their way to the beer-drinking public. A lot of times, beer writers can be oblique (except for me, I’m oblique on all topics). General reportage on the how tos of craft beer might be a little overdone, but not when they’re done well. This story is an excellent example.

Five mistakes to avoid when you’re buying craft beer

Buying beer used to be simple. The hardest choice you had to make was imported or domestic, or maybe how many cans you wanted. Today, craft beer is everywhere, and the beer run is no longer a walk in the park. Here are some common beer-buying mistakes to avoid on your next shopping trip.

If you don’t click through to the story, here’s the list. It’s pretty simple.
Check the date
Beware warm beer
Shop at stores with a good selection
Take advantage of a good selection, but not too much
Take care of your beer at home.
The most important aspect of this is that people are taking the time to make sure the people new to craft beer have a jumping off point, which is something that many of us didn’t have back in the 1990s during that craft beer boom


Coconut Braised Chicken Recipe

An American double (or dubbel) has the bitterness and spice to accentuate the Thai chile sauce and bring out the flavors in the coconut. Thai curry is a strong and aromatic preparation that really needs a beer that can stand up to those strong flavors.

Homebrew FAQ

What is partial mashing and why do I care?

This is the question I post to Doug Griffith at the top of every show. Tune in on our Beer With Strangers Facebook page for the livestream or check in at for answers and more.

5 Reasons to Partial Mash

No matter your level of brewing experience, there are great reasons to partial mash. I like gray areas. It’s hard for me to respond to a question without qualifying my answer with “Well, it depends…”

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