More on big brews and beer haze

More on big brews and beer haze

This week Doug and Tony talk brew days, beer haze and moving beer around the country and the world.

Homebrew FAQ

Planning a Big Brew Day

Our club, Lancaster Fairfield Homebrew Crew, is fairly new being almost two years old. We have had two Big Brew Days since our start and the second was way more successful than the first.When I first started thinking about planning a Big Brew day (First Saturday in May) for our club, I knew the big thing would be to have a water source for chilling…

Returning to the topic of hazy beer

With New England-style IPAs, sometimes hazy just means lazy – mainetoday

Remember the bone-rattling brilliance of Nirvana? When “Smells Like Teen Spirit” crashed into the zeitgeist, the genius was undeniable. But after years of having their sound co-opted, we eventually ended up with Nickleback, the musical equivalent of a dad wearing jorts and crocs. It’s a common story.

A new kind of collaboration

Two Roads Brewing Adds Distribution in Colorado |

Stratford, CT – Two Roads Brewing Company of Stratford, CT announced today that the brand will be rolling into the state of Colorado beginning on August 28th. Two Roads is excited to partner with Crooked Stave Artisans, the distribution arm of Denver’s Crooked Stave Brewing Company.

Where to next? Cracking the China market

Pikes Peak Brewing to Begin Shipping Private Label Beer to China |

Monument, Colorado – Pikes Peak Brewing Company and Maestro Brew Ltd, a UK company, have entered into a private label agreement to produce, import and distribute beer to the Chinese market. In a deal brokered by Hans Trading of California, Pikes Peak Brewing has developed and will brew and can 3 styles of “USA Premium Craft Beer”, for the Maestro Brew brand.