Getting a handle on craft beer culture

Getting a handle on craft beer culture

So much to talk about this week. I got a couple of phone calls from state representatives in the wake of my story, Maryland Hates Craft Beer. Some were in support and others were less so, but this is a developing story I’ll have more to write about on in the coming week. ***UPDATE: It looks as if the bill is going to die, but the podcast commentary still is relevant*** The short version is that it is clear the Maryland Legislature doesn’t begin to have the faintest idea how craft beer works. We talk about this and more on this week’s show.

Beer things to do and why

We’ve been reaching out to the local breweries to find out what’s going on and we hope to use that to talk about why you should visit breweries generally.

Spring Beer Festivals are heating up

Ticket prices go up for April 29th’s  Shore Craft Beer Fest: Chincoteague in the next few days, so if you know you’re going, get tickets. Hotel package deals also will go up soon as well.

On April 22 our friends at Fordham and Dominion are having their annual R2Hop2 Beer and Music festival. The festival is named for the brewery’s robot-looking dry hop machine, and is held in the brewery’s massive backyard. I’m a huge fan of this beer complex.

Eastern Shore Brewery celebrates its First Friday event

Next week is the First Friday in April and Eastern Shore Brewing has an event with bands, etc. If you haven’t been, you should go because it is worth the trip. Great beer and great atmosphere. The bigger picture idea, though, is most communities have monthly nights out to celebrate the arts and local business. In my immediate area, Salisbury has 3rd Friday and Berlin has a 2nd Friday Art Stroll. It’s a way of refocusing on the small downtowns and local beer tends to be a big part of it.


Release of the week

Marzen from Revelation: Cold Conditioned (Lagered) for six months, this is the lighter and slightly sweeter cousin of the Oktoberfest Lager. Crisp, smooth and malty – Lovely.

Highly quotable

OC celebrates Air Show with brews – By Katie Tabeling

(March 24, 2017) Ocean City is becoming a hot spot for craft beer aficionados as resort officials this week approved the inaugural Fatherhood Beer Festival during OC Air Show weekend. During Monday’s session, the City Council approved the Fatherhood Beer Festival at Sunset Park on June 18 from 1 to 5 p.m.

A Handy IPA Guide

The Evolution of the IPA

Note: This piece is the drink Essential in Paste Quarterly #1, which you can purchase here, along with its accompanying vinyl Paste sampler. A lot has happened to the IPA since Anchor Brewing Co. started using Cascade Hops in the 1970s. The style, which has a murky origin in the British Empire, has evolved significantly here in the U.S.

Starting slow

5 Tips For Craft Beer Newbies

Did you feel that huge gust of wind Sunday evening, echoing through Tucson, Phoenix, and all the way up to Flagstaff? Yeah, that was every single beer rep in the state collectively sighing with relief that Arizona Beer Week is over. Holy cow those girls and guys looked spent!

Homebrew FAQ

How important is it to follow homebrew kit directions closely?
Doug will answer this on the show (which you can watch live on our Facebook page at about noon).

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