Rules, practices and trends

Rules, practices and trends

This week, Doug and tony talk about how to deal with kegging at home, why beer does or doesn’t taste like where it’s from, the precarious situation of breweries that are on the outs, and the continuing importance of reusing downtowns for brewery development. Tony also gives a Reform on Tap update.

Terroir is dead. Long live “origin beer.”

We begin with a question oft-pondered among brewers and thoughtful drinkers: What is terroir as it relates to beer? The word has long been used in winemaking to describe the influence of environmental factors like soil composition and climate on the grapes, and its meaning has since been broadened to encompass a variety of other agricultural goods.

The craft brewery is quickly becoming a community staple like your library, grocery store and coffee shop

Admit it, pessimists: the craft beer movement has defied your gloomy predictions. A year or two ago, even supporters of the dozens of neighborhood breweries that have popped up all over Southern California were predicting the movement had reached its apex. Surely we would see a die-off.