Dan knows Dogfish

This week, Tony is MIA, but Todd and Natalee have it completely covered. They interview Day Ryan of Dogfish head about the big changes at the brewpub, what it’s like selling Dogfish Head beer all over the region and how more »

Todcast: The Soap Opera

This show was sponsored, in part, by Uncle Jon’s Soaps, which makes it kind of a soap opera. By “Sponsored” we really just mean that Uncle Jon, our regular correspondent, brought us some soap that he made. Naturally, we talk fight club, beer and how awesome Roadie Joe’s can be.

Origin stories

This week, Natalee DeHart pinch hits for Tony who was out doing super-secret beer stuff. The pair are joined by Bar correspondent Jack Schachter to talk about things all Ocean City and surrounding areas.

Homebrewing and big changes

This week Shawn Hager pinch hits for Doug and talks with Tony about bare minimum homebrewing startups, the trouble with sours and brewery news from around the area including Dogfish Head’s new place, canning at 3rd Wave and Rubber Soul, and whether barleywine or an IPA better complements horseradish.

Squirty Squalls

In this week’s episode Todd and Tony speak with Pen and Ink correspondent Stephanie Fowler about the book festival in Salisbury, the new nature of fame and whether she really would spray Febreeze on protestors.

From Wicked Weed to Chincoteague

This week Doug and Tony talk homebrew kegging tips and tricks, recap the Shore Craft Beer Fest: Chincoteague event from the weekend and breaking beer news including Tony being named to the Maryland Comptroller’s “Reform on Tap” task force, the Wicked Weed sale to Bud, beer runs and more.